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The Color of Air, an exhibition of new and recent work exploring architectural and environmental abstraction.

Employing digital manipulation and bold use of color, the work invites viewers to join in wandering—both actual and in memories—evoking a poignant mix of admiration and melancholy. Drawing on recent travels to Mexico City, the work was inspired by the color-saturated modernist buildings of Luis Barragán, whose holistic, almost otherworldly vision of “emotional architecture” permeates the capital city. The photographs originate with captures of both his and other architects’ marvels, which are manipulated to make almost unrecognizably abstract photographs. The resulting images are vibrant worlds of dynamic geometries and seductive hues—paying homage to Barragán’s ambient aesthetic, but through the alchemy of the photographer’s studio. DOWNLOAD THE FULL ARTIST'S STATEMENT.  

Fine art prints available in sizes ranging from 17x17 to 40x60.

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Seascape and horizon images contain familiar viewpoints, but hold something back from the viewer.  


In place of the expected textures and patterns of sky and sea, the scene is interrupted creating a denial of the beauty one has come to expect.


Aging Flowers

Shown in a circular tondo format, the flowers, with evident hints of their withering softness, appear here as the vanitas: a reminder of the inevitable passing of time. Though ravishing in life as in death, their seductive beauty represents a far more solemn reality of loss.



Altered Landscapes 

The photographs in Altered Landscapes are governed by pressing dualities: life and death, beauty and destruction, admiration and fear. The images, printed in the tondo format, brim with joyful reverence for the calm of the surround.