Portfolio, web, assignment and promo editing for photographers. Focus on creating a cohesive body of work in print and web, and develop strategies for continued professional development. Hone visions for personal projects, and assist in implementing strategic editorial and commercial partnerships. 


Site redesign, original photography, direct marketing and mailer design for Brooklyn based jewelry design studio.

Site design, logo design and original photography for Brooklyn based yoga and meditation studio. 

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Product, brand, web design; including print advertisements and marketing plan for Brooklyn based, horse hair tassel designer.

Site design for family owned, Connecticut vineyard. 

Hillary Clinton Campaign

Assigned by Jennifer Kinon, Creative Director for the Hillary Clinton Campaign and OCD Agency to analyze the use of photography on the Clinton Campaign web site and all social media platforms. The project culminated with a presentation to the web and design teams on best practices for social media engagement, and best use of photography.